The Odeon!

The comic fair was pretty small but a good trial run for our first show together. We also made some new friends:

Rey, who has a podcast at

No, the knight is not Batman the Dark Knight, it's Moon Knight. Rey must be one of Moon Knight's biggest fans (or "Loonies" as they call themselves). He has a seriously impressive knowledge of comics in the 90s so if you came of age then, check him out!

David, who has a podcast at

David is also a novelist endorsed by famous comics writer Chuck Dixon!

Jamie Johnson, a talented pinup artist for The Phantom. He'll have a 22-page issue of The Phantom coming out soon, published by Frew.

We also had good friend Christof Bogacs drop by. Christof is a comics writer and has recently released 'One Last Drink' with art by the excellent Geoff Class. See it below!

Gametraders Horsnby is around the corner from The Odeon and are our newest retail partner. Thanks to them for their support!

Andrew de Zilva